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  • Tegan Lush- Profile

    I grew up with grandparents who trained racehorses and was given my first pony young. He was bought from a garage sale and didn't come with a name- he was brown so I called him Coco Pops after my favourite cereal! We spent most of our time out riding pretending to be the man From Snowy River before I decided I would really like to have a go at eventing and I moved onto a more educated pony. Read More

  • Holly Mahony- profile

    Having ridden all my life and having been born into a family of horse riders it was in my blood from the get go!!! Show Horse has been the only discipline I've competed in but like most kids I did go to pony club with my brothers until I was about 9. My first pony was named Malibu Park Briar; he was super safe and of course helped me gain more confidence riding on my own. I then stepped onto my forst show pony Drumclyer Mosaic- my love for the show ring started then. Read More

  • Sharon Jarvis- Profile

    I started riding at the age of 3 years. Born into a non-horsey family on a beef cattle and orcharding enterprise in the South West of Western Australia. By the age of 4 I had my own pony and was happy attending the local Donnybrook Pony Club. Unfortunately at the age of 7yrs I was diagnosed with bone cancer in my left femur. A rare tumour that ususally occurs in teenage boys. Originally given the prognosis of 3 months to live, I defied the odds and after a year of chemo and radiotherapy I was cleared of the cancer. Read More