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New Elite level Product 'Flex-on Stirrup Irons'

The Flex-On Stirrups are an innovative stirrup made in France which was entirely designed and built for Equestrian sports. They offer riders the very best in terms of stirrups by combining design, comfort and performance.
Many years of research has been poured into various arena surfaces and protective boots to help maintain a healthy competition horse. However the severe impact that the rider’s skeletal system is put under is quite often ignored. This is the reason designers Laurent and Caroline Bordes created the Flex-On Stirrups. These innovative stirrups offer;

  • Strong, yet lightweight design.
  • Elastomer springs fitted under the treads to create an innovative shock-absorbing system.
  • Ergonomic and offset shape to the tread and stirrup leather slot to improve the rider’s connection with their horse and reduce stress on the rider’s joints.
  • Customizable footrests with various angles and choice of the durable polymer grip or the ultra-grip with transverse spikes.
  • Reduced muscle and joint fatigue.

Two studies were performed on these stirrups by Sport-Controle, a

Rider's results Illustration of the rider's raw results with the Moven suit

recognised company who specialise in medical and health assessment to determine whether the use of the Flex-On stirrups would reduce rider fatigue. The first test involved kinematic analysis of four different riders and the second test used vibration analysis where one rider wore an accelerometer while performing five different gaits. The results from these two tests concluded that the Flex-On stirrups best absorb vibrations in the different joints and make it possible to reduce the burden of muscle work.

The Green Composite Range of Flex-On Stirrups is designed with naturally-sourced polyamide and reinforced with a steel core to provide optimum flexibility. They are a low maintenance stirrup that can be easily washed with water. These stirrups are available with three different tread slopes and the two different options of grip. There are seven different colours of frames available and two colours of shock-absorbers, or enquire about getting customized stirrups in your favourite colour combination.

Flex-on stirrup

Olympian riders Chris Burton and Shane Rose both currently use the Flex-On Stirrups with great success.

"The Flex-On Stirrups are the best jumping stirrups I have used so far. The grip is fantastic and the wider arch means there is a little more space for a wider foot like mine which lessens the chance of your foot being able to get caught in the stirrup. When I am riding in them I barely notice they are there, which is exactly what you want from a good stirrup." – Shane Rose

Chris Burton Chris Burton

Flex-on Green Composite Stirrups are now available at Saddles Plus!


Or watch the Flex-on stirrup video for some more info!