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Sponsored Riders

  • Rebecca Thomas - Profile

    Rebecca has been riding since the young age of only 3 years. She has worked her way to compete at 2* level in eventing and she also coaches many rider's too.
  • Sophie Warren & Portland Jones - Profile

    Sophie and Portland live and work together in the Swan Valley. They are both focused on implementing evidence-based training methods in order to improve the welfare of horses and the safety of riders. Together they coach and train horses of all types from foundation training to competition at the highest level. They believe that understanding and applying the science of learning is the most effective and ethical way to train horses. They are also passionate about education and run events such the "Super Clinic," putting Dr Andrew McLean in the arena with eventing legend Lucinda Green to share training strategies and workshop ideas. They run training workshops for physiotherapists and lecture demos for equestrian clubs as well as their popular boot camps. Sophie and Portland train horses, coach, lecture, write and run a team of competition horses as well as managing a family of children, dogs and two rodent eradicating cats.
  • Olivia Ruiz - Profile

    I began riding when I was 6yrs old and after persevering with many naughty ponies I now enjoy eventing and showjumping with great success. I am extremely grateful to be one of Saddles Plus' Junior Sponsored Riders.
  • Caitlin Bolger - Profile

    I started riding at the age of 4yrs in leadline competitions and pony club. After a successful career in the showhorse ring, I later turned to Showjumping where I would follow my father's footsteps.
  • Tegan Lush- Profile

    I grew up with grandparents who trained racehorses and was given my first pony young. He was bought from a garage sale and didn't come with a name- he was brown so I called him Coco Pops after my favourite cereal! We spent most of our time out riding pretending to be the man From Snowy River before I decided I would really like to have a go at eventing and I moved onto a more educated pony.
  • Holly Mahony- profile

    Having ridden all my life and having been born into a family of horse riders it was in my blood from the get go!!! Show Horse has been the only discipline I've competed in but like most kids I did go to pony club with my brothers until I was about 9. My first pony was named Malibu Park Briar; he was super safe and of course helped me gain more confidence riding on my own. I then stepped onto my forst show pony Drumclyer Mosaic- my love for the show ring started then.
  • Sharon Jarvis- Profile

    I started riding at the age of 3 years. Born into a non-horsey family on a beef cattle and orcharding enterprise in the South West of Western Australia. By the age of 4 I had my own pony and was happy attending the local Donnybrook Pony Club. Unfortunately at the age of 7yrs I was diagnosed with bone cancer in my left femur. A rare tumour that ususally occurs in teenage boys. Originally given the prognosis of 3 months to live, I defied the odds and after a year of chemo and radiotherapy I was cleared of the cancer.
  • Les Bunning- Profile

    I started riding at Pony Club in Victoria in the early sixties. I started eventing and show jumping as a teenager. The highlight of my eventing career was placing 3rd in the Melbourne Open 3 Day Event in 1969. I decided to mainly pursue the show jumping at 18, travelling the cicuit on the East Coast. I won the Australian Championships in 1977 in NSW and 1989 in WA. I also won Victorian, South Australian and NSW state titles.I eventually moved to Perth in 1981 to do the big show circuit as it had major shows at that time. Winning the Patrons Cup on Kemoca in 1986 and 1989 on St Diamond. The most memorable win was the Australian Bond Derby in 1987 on Lincoln Green.
  • Colin Chantler- Profile

    A little bit about myself I started riding in Albany at the age of 12 during school holidays. At the age of 15 I brought a quarter horse from NSW and started competing in Western competitions from halter to Western pleasure, trail horse, working cow horse and then even a little cutting.
  • Sammi Lamont- Profile

    I started riding at a local riding school when I was 5 years old after watching the movie "Spirit". From there I continued to gain experience and eventually started competing in hack shows on my first 12.2hh black pony, Amarni. I always knew that I wanted to showjump though, and moved to an agistment centre that would allow me to jump when I was about 9.

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